Cover Picture by TJ Benson Cover Design by Bard Studio  Guest Editor’s Note – Gbenga Adesina Poetry: Afghan Refugee by Rohan Chhetri The Size of Grief by Lydia Kasese Five Stations for Various by Richard Ali Portrait of My Mother as a Child by Jessica Marion Modi what is the boy who drags his solitudes outdoors by Peter Akinlabi Emily…

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Guest Editor’s Note – Gbenga Adesina

I’m always looking for a way to return to myself. Roland Barthes writing in Mourning Diary said:“[I feel] embarrassed and almost guilty because sometimes I feel my mourning is merely a susceptibility to emotions. But all my life haven’t I been just that: moved?” At a recent poetry reading, I eavesdropped on a woman say to her partner after a…

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Afghan Refugee by Rohan Chhetri

From her shoulder blade the background softens, where her scarf, once-draped over her head, vanishes into a green eel of silence. Something tells me this was hurried. Her running behind a gaggle of school girls she hasn’t learnt the names of yet- always the slow one-when she was beckoned. A land in its plea has spilled its mood of calamity…

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The Size of Grief by Lydia Kasese

My mother carries a bone on her back too heavy to latch on our sorrows. On most nights we can hear her crying loudly into her pillow, Her teeth biting on her tongue willing it not to come to life, And bring back all those it had lost. We watch her from a distance too afraid to say anything, That…

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Sanctificum by Chris Abani – Chekwube O. Danladi

TITLE: SANCTIFICUM AUTHOUR: CHRIS ABANI PUBLISHER: COPPER CANYON PRESS PUBLICATION DATE: 2016 GENRE: POETRY NO OF PAGES: 356 FORMAT: PAPERBACK   Committed to ritual, to invocation, Chris Abani’s Sanctificum calls for a transcendence of emotional potential, encourages its reader to become unhinged in its exploration of loss and remembering, of movement and stasis. This is a text that teaches, that…

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Maybe This is How I die by Rumbi Makanga

Maybe this is how I die. It’s past midnight and there is no one else around. The darkness has a sweetness to it, like the smell of earth right after the rain has fallen. I want to lick the pavement. I want to run off the beach, maybe even throw my clothes off on the way, and go kiss the…

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(C) Writivism/CACE

Five Stations for Various by Richard Ali

I Flame Lines Lying there, I set fire to your bed Flame lines around you, curl heat of ink Watch you turn your torso, see in the mirror a bird Earth flown, goddess born, writhing, mazariyya—dragon bird! I come to your myths with lies of my own—these Dross of my story. You whispered in my ears once What impels herdsmen,…

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Season of Crimson Blossoms by Abubakar Adam Ibrahim – Opeyemi Razak Oyadiran

TITLE: SEASON OF CRIMSON BLOSSOMS AUTHOR: ABUBAKAR ADAM  IBRAHIM PUBLISHER: PARRESIA YEAR OF PUBLICATION: 2015 GENRE: FICTION FORMAT: PAPERBACK NO OF PAGES: 320   Abubakar’s debut novel opens rather jarringly into the confluence of societal and religious obligations (restrictions?), political discord and its agents, the much ignored trauma of survivors of religious clashes, all revolving around  a taboo love trying…

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Portrait of My Mother as a Child by Jessica Marion Modi

As if she’s about to tell a secret from her childhood, or mine. Lips almost open, scrunched brow, suspicious of someone looking at her this way. Hanging from pointy shoulders, her dress preserves marks from her mother’s disciplined ironing, straight creases down to her dirty, white sneakers. She balances on the toe of one foot, heel of the other. Arms…

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