Monthly Archives : March 2016

Donovan Smith by Jason Snyman

~Dragon Slayer, Soldier, Champion of Fair Maidens   I used to paint a lot when I was younger, always in three colours and three colours alone – black, red and white. At some point in my life, however, the feel of a brush in my hand had become almost alien. Uncomfortable. Heavy. For some reason unknown to me, the brush…

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Endgame by Mary McCarthy

The last time you took him back I knew you were  gone Like a woman disappearing Into purdah Eclipsed by the veil Forever under the shadow Binding her every word Every glance, every slightest Restless movement Anything That might call attention And set her jealous guardian On her Savage as the wolf That ravens on the lamb Death is always…

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The Wet Pillow by Naushena

All night long she wept and wept Released the tears she had kept Containing all her woes Those were her worst foes; For they snatched her dignity And left her with self-pity. Whatever she did went wrong Life was not a happy song. It dried her throat In a flood she did float, Of sorrows and grief. Life was yet…

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