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Storm by Jack Little

    ************************ Jack Little (b. 1987) is a British-Mexican poet, editor and translator based in Mexico City. He is the author of ‘Elsewhere’ (Eyewear, 2015) and is the founding editor of The Ofi Press:

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Wading by Angelica Fuse

let’s go in deeper than you thought see what happens when we reach up to the knee let’s dive into the mystery and see what becomes or else sit on the shore while others wallow.     ******************* Angelica Fuse is an unquiet voice. Her words can be read at Outlaw Poetry, Dead Snakes, and many other sites.

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Photography by Omoregie Osakpolor

      Omoregie Osakpolor is a social documentary photographer based in Lagos,Nigeria. He started photography during his service year in Lagos.He believes photography is a powerful tool which can be used to question and restructure society,and he hopes to use it to impact his world positively.

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Credit: LinkedIn

Morning by Tom Montag

Such is the curve of her, it takes my breath away. I give her the moment. She rubs the magic lamp and gives it back. Such is the morning Day breaking, and we go where it wants.     ***************** Tom Montag is most recently the author of In This Place: Selected Poems 1982-2013.He is a contributing editor at Verse-Virtual.…

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Body Knowledge by Steve Klepetar

It was a year we lived through, a year of body knowledge, when trees shook with snow and everywhere footprints stamped on white surfaces, tiny brands burnt into patterns through the yard. Across the park, a woman shook her hair, opened her door and leapt onto the bare back of an icy wind. The river froze hard and cold and…

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From Havana Dialogue by John Casquarelli and Luis Figueredo

Quien con tanto alarde dijo Que al destino lo hace uno Que nadie del destino es hijo Palabras tontas sin fundamento alguno I would like to lie naked in my Own ambiguity peeling my Pale skin on the greenwood Emptied of all ornaments Nacer en incómoda posición Nueve meses pasamos en un desatino Luego decimos para justificar la razón La…

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