a river’s journey by amu nnadi – Hauwa Shaffii Nuhu

TITLE: a river’s journey
AUTHOUR:amu nnadi


amunnadi’s newest poetry offering, a river’s journey, spans 172 pages. The book is divided into four sections, each of which holds poems that are independent in their fullness and subject matters, but seem inter-connected, as though telling a story. The first section, which is called beginnings, starts with poems that have their roots in water. The poet introduces fresh perspectives about water, alluding them to the most basic things, in the most unexpected ways. The end product of this is that fresh metaphors and enchanting imagery emerge as one gets to see layers of the painting of water in the poems on its surface and how it gives the whole oeuvre a more contemplative meaning. Either way, they retain their depth and enchantment. In the poem, the sea and the sky, the poet creates a soul for the sea in these lines :

“never is the sea still, never
never is the sky still, not at all
clouds, drifting constantly by
as white handkerchiefs of time
wipe brow, smudging mascara
waves in eternal turmoil
tumble with thrills of gossips”

The second section, intersection, as perhaps in the third one the poet turns his keen observation to lyric task of observing the environment. As ever love is expressed. Nakedly.Unabashedly and unashamedly.


The fourth and last section of the book opens with more love poems, and then slowly works itself into an emotion laden pitch. A stanza from the poem, naked, you are beautiful, seems to me, the most apt description of the section and indeed, the entire book. The stanza reads:


“every night, i fashion with poems
tongues of light, beam by beam
confession after shameless admission
until without a hem i drape over you
ballroom gown which goes on and on
spreading joy across pages of our lives”

The book is a complete delight.


By Hauwa Shaffii Nuhu

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