a field of echoes by amu nnadi

… and mind flutters to a close
eyelids to slumber
all over, a certain darkness emerges
earth is populated with nothing
but a tempered sigh t

night flashes white underwear
as meteor, quickly closes her thighs
mortified by the radiance of stars
she grows shy as mimosa pudica
dies from shame of too much conceit

from a sprawling field of echoes
life raises its braided head of beads
butterflies flutter, wings bearing pollen
far off, rainbow fishes in sea of grey clouds
for anagrams, net dripping rain

mushroom places on rotten wood
a proud crown; elsewhere stanzas sit
by a fire, warming my naked toes
poems gasp for air, rising as spark
neck held by grasping fingers of smoke

across the waistline of thought
a belt of black ink runs, crossing eyes
draining teas, sighs of my muse
melding myriad meanings mindlessly
in frame of flowers and wilful weed

sometimes a poem is dreamed
as pollen, sometimes a twig
or line of awakening like this
tells you the mind is gone
to dwell, as smoke, among the clouds




Author of six collections of poetry, amu nnadi is the winner of the 2014 Glenna Luschei Prize for African Poetry with”through the window of a sandcastle”. Published in 2013, it also won the ANA Poetry Prize for that year and was runner up to the 2013 Nigeria Prize for Literature. Other books include “the fire within”, winner of the ANA Poetry Prize for 2002, “pilgrim’s passage”, shortlisted for the Nigeria Prize for Literature in 2005, “ihejuruonu” a compilation of his poems of anguish in 2015, and the new “a river’s journey” and “a field of echoes”, both published in 2016.

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