autumn by Ophelia Leong

the sunlight is heavier in autumn
like amber syrup coalescing over the world
i feel the goldenrod waves of light
caress my face during
a ceremony of cycles
one leaf falls
gentler than an owl’s sigh
and someday another one will grow
but for now the bare bones
of tree branches stretch out
along a yellow horizon
thick as the skin off the top
of rich boiled milk

i am one with the aching trees
lost in the middle of their menstrual season
their crimson leaves drifting down
carpeting the ground with their crunch
until spring when
once again gravid with life
they burst forth with green
and cover the land with their fertility






Ophelia Leong is a wife and mother who loves to write and Irish Dance in her free time. She has been published in Mothers Always Write, Allegro Poetry, Vine Leaves Literary Journal, and others. She is working on her first novel and has a blog here:

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