Bad Craving – Chisom Okafor

Bad Craving

we do not need
the black circles of our eyes
to meet and linger
like a confluence of two rivers,
nor the tingling sensation
at the meetings
of our thighs
before memories are evoked,
memories like moments
when the sun was a golden yellow
and we were again, two tiny specks
like puppets, holding hands
I, a bit taller
awash with innocence,
humming softly, our favorite song
then taking turns to
sing its stanzas

I do not need to see you sway
that well-molded mound
that has now developed
and sits on your lower back,
the mound
that now punctuates your figure
like a curved tree
in a well-tended garden

many years before
you were more elegant
good years, when
your buttocks
was still flat and pressed-in
like the soles
of an Imam’s sandals

I crave for those moments
when nature still
gifted us with
nights of opportunities
glorious charcoal-black nights
when hidden once
in its serenity
away from home
our tongues first met
and yours left on mine
the sweet taste
of liquid sugarcane residue
and we slipped deeper into
the shadows, as
your father came searching,
bursting through shrubs
like the tip of a pencil
on tissue paper
and finding only still air
as the leaves above us
giggled into his face

not now, that
your bad crave
has swallowed my innocence
and your vanilla scent

hovers lustfully,
all over me
like a restless conscience.





Chisom Okafor is a Nigerian. He is a final year student of Nutrition and Dietetics at University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Two of his poems (First Love, and Salutations) have previously been published in the Journal of Literature and Aesthetics, India, in 2013. He lives in Enugu, Nigeria.

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