Best African Literature on the Net in 2016

In the spirit of celebrating African literature in 2016, we have compiled what we call our Best African Literature on the Net in 2016. This list is not definitive, it is a reflection of our taste at EXPOUND and mostly, the choice of some of our friends and readers.

We appreciate the efforts of our friends like Brittle Paper, Jalada, Saraba, Praxis Magazine, Afridiaspora, Enkare, Olisa Tv and Bakwa Magazine and others for their exceptional support for African writers beyond stereotype in 2016.  As we look forward to more success for African writers in 2017, we want to use this list to remind the world and our African audience what a great year 2016 was for Africa.




Akwaeke Emezi’s: The Texture of Joy: A Stowaway Story in Adda


Bineh Ndefru: Farming, Tending in EXPOUND


Chibuihe-Light Obi: Of Wars, Photographs and Memories in EXPOUND


Dami Ajayi: Modern Juju Music in Bakwa Magazine


David Ishaya Osu: Together in Up The Staircase Quarterly


Gbenga Adesina: How to Paint a Girl in The New York Times


Hawa Jande Golakai: Fugee in Granta


Petina Gappah: A Short History of Zaka the Zulu in New Yorker


Ikhide R. Ikheloa: Jollof Rice Wars, Cultural Appropriation, and the Ugly Heart of the Other’s Darkness in Enkare Review


JK Anowe: In a Descent into Madness I Rarely Roam in Praxis Magazine


Kenechi Uzor: Infidel in Afridiaspora


Ladan Osman: For the Woman Whose Love Is a Bird of Passage in Natalie Jabbar


Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o: The Upright Revolution: Or Why Humans Walk Upright in Jalada


Okwudili Nebeolisa: C’est Grande Monde Panorama


Oris Aigbokhaevbolo: How Not to Write a Review: On Tope Folarin’s Genesis and the Caine Prize in Olisa Tv


Petina Gappah: A Short History of Zaka the Zulu in New Yorker


Pwaangulongii Dauod: Africa’s Future Has No Space for Stupid Black Men in Granta


Rasaq Malik Gbolahan: How My Mother Spends Her Nights  in Rattle


Rasaq Malik Gbolahan: Where a Poem Begins in CoAL


Rumbi Makanga: Maybe This is How I die in EXPOUND


Saddiq Dzukogi: I Checked My Husband’s Black Skin and Remembered to Call My Son in Heart Magazine


Saddiq Dzukogi: Parenthesis  in Cleaver Magazine


Safia Elhillo: At the Intersection in Elephant Media


Sefi Atta: Unsuitable Ties in EXPOUND


Suzanne Ushie: Let’s Talk About Something Else in Saraba


TJ Benson: In the Spirit of Ake in Praxis Magazine


TJ Benson: The Spirit and the Chi in Brittle Paper


Tom Jalio: A Red Scar on African poetry: Anatomy of a Serial Plagiarist in African Arguments


Wale Owoade: After in The Indianola Review


Wale Owoade: Because Your Body Took the Wrong Way Home in Brittle Paper




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