Collapses of Breath by Robbie Coburn

Riddled with distance……cannot remember the momentary framing of time
without this connection the day palls itself against thoughts consistent drive
as the imagination preys on the senses……unceasing recollection
again emerges……restrictions pulse along the nerve ends
whatever passion has exhausted……cannot be revived
skin worn by a harsh distancein the breath dancing across your face
where you rest alone        in your body….I hear your voice before you answer
I interpret the silence traced along your breath….with your flesh in its course
of abandon………when winter comes your skin withstands the wind’s    visitations

It has been months since I have touched you……all longing sitting down
inside the body……your expressions recurring
I cannot remove your body   cannot take your hands from my skin
your promise of permanence I predicted would collapse  in the drive
of your ambition…..for an emptiness……you felt belonged to you
you could not find a love of yourself… love of you fracturing within your irises
still I love you…..never  forgettingthe rise and fall of your chest beside my body

these days assault the skin with exposure……to regret knowing completely
severing all ties to your body and remaining….unchanged
I cannot silence this urgency    beyond the contortion of time

my body fails at this vast distance…..the blood ceases
does not pulserunning along the veins……with the unending   uncertainty
of waking   the distant positioning of my body……with no way back to you.





Robbie Coburn was born in June 1994 in Melbourne and grew up on his family’s farm in Woodstock, semi-rural Victoria. His poems have been published in various journals and magazines including Poetry, Cordite, Overland and Going Down Swinging, and his poems have been anthologised. His first collection Rain Season was published in 2013 and a second collection titled The Other Flesh is forthcoming. He has also published a handful of chapbooks, pamphlets and zines. He lives in Melbourne.

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