The Death of Something Sweet by Temitope Atunrase

We could have tasted like berries, or
something sweeter.
I started walking,
stomach sucked in,
I believed you saw magic
as I saw fireworks in you.
I tried to touch your fingers,
the tip of it was an illusion.
Because you never reached out
I made you up in my head,
calculated all your words
to mean something like berries.
I called you mine,
something sweet
under my tongue.



Temitope Atunrase is a poet, lyricist and short story writer. She loves books, great music and the stage. She aspires one day to be a renowned poet/writer but in the meantime, she works as a logistics/procurement Manager. Her works have appeared in, AfricanWriter, TheWcommunity and elsewhere. She is currently working on her first chapbook.

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