Dirty Love by Linda Ashok

A beach is a pretty place to kiss
but I don’t want to kiss you at pretty places

I want to kiss you under the bed
On the bathroom pot
While washing your wears
While on the wait for your train
at the station, at taxi stands

I want to kiss you by the masjid
by the tea-stall, house of the congress &
the conservatives
I want to kiss you in a public toilet

and places that are not as pretty as the beach

1) I only know how to make dirty love &
2) my absence can only love you as much





Linda Ashok is a poet from Kolkata, living in Hyderabad, India. She was one of the 25 feature poets selected by the Prakriti Foundation for the Hindu Lit for Life, 2014. She was also selected for the 2015 Napa Valley Writer’s Workshop with Arthur Sze. Linda’s poetry appeared in various online journals, the most recent being the Big Bridge Anthology of Contemporary Indian Poetry. Her review/s can be found on the ‘The Rumpus’. Won the Wordweavers 2015 Dabble contest. Linda tweets at @thebluelimit. More: rlpoetry.org

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