Dear Readers,

Our last issue for this year is finally out! It has been quite an interesting and challenging journey this year. We thank our contributors for believing in us and keeping us this far. This last issue is our end of the year gift to our readers, and it is an electrifying gift, containing the finest of arts and aesthetics across the world. The works here are an embodiment of lasting poignancy and pulchritude, works that qualify as standing-out stars in the sky of great literature.

This issue begins with a nonfiction by Kingsley Charles. His ‘Why I Fast’ portrays an elegant use of language to capture the internal conflict between his mind and flesh, and extensively between self and reality. It is important to note here that sadly, it seems nonfiction has become an endangered genre, which we hope to revive at EXPOUND.

While nonfiction seems to be enshrouded in extinction, poetry seems to be blossoming with the overwhelming rate of poetry submissions we got. In this issue, we have poems by Ophelia Leong, Brandon Marlon, Shafinur Shafin, Jocelyn Mosman, JD De Hart, Linda Ashok, Binu Karunakaran, Redscar McOdindo K’Oyuga, Geosi Gyasi, Heath Brougher, and Meggie Royer. Interestingly, we have a poem in Spanish titled ‘Itaca’ by Ivonne Gordon, which has been translated into English by Cindy Rinne, and Amit Chakravarty has a poem here titled ‘Ripple’, which is a translation of Al Imran Siddiqui’s poem.

In between these poems are sprinklings of short stories. We have stories by David C. Steyn, Obinna Udenwe, Lee Todd Lacks and Innocent Ilo. In addition to the stories, we have captivating images by Malandela Mandla and Juan A. Cano.

At EXPOUND, we are obsessed with arts and literature, and interested in showcasing great works of art from within and outside Africa. 2015 has been an interesting year, and we believe 2016 will be more interesting. We appreciate all our contributors and readers, and we assure you of nothing but the best in 2016.

Welcome to Issue #4! Happy New Year!

Samuel Oluwatobi Olatunji
Associate Managing Editor, EXPOUND






Why I Fast | Nonfiction | Kingsley Charles

autumn | Poetry | Ophelia Leong

Judah’s Desert | Poetry | Brandon Marlon

King Lear of Eighty’s | Poetry | Shafinur Shafin

Solitary Sentence | Fiction | David C. Steyn

oblivion | Poetry | Jocelyn Mosman

Ítaca | Poetry | Ivonne Gordon

Ithaca | Poetry | Trans. Cindy Rinne

Sewing Lessons | Poetry| JD DeHart

A Temporary Affair | Fiction | Obinna Udenwe

Dirty Love | Poetry | Linda Ashok

On Illustrators | Poetry |Binu Karunakaran

Absolving Lynn | Fiction | Lee Todd Lacks

The Rains Fell Upon You and Me | Poetry | Geosi Gyasi

Gelatinous | Poetry |Heath Brougher

Ripple | Poetry | Al Imran Siddiqui Trans. Amit Chakravarty

Much ado about my friend, Mr. Crystal | Fiction | Innocent Ilo

Last Rites | Poetry | Meggie Royer

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