EDITORIAL – The Dirty Issue

Dear Readers,

This Special Issue is very important to us at EXPOUND, and we are grateful to the contributors who made it the thriller we want it to be. The thought of a Special issue of erotic arts and literature can be traced back to a telephone conversation between me and Saddiq Dzugoki on acceptance of his place as a Poetry Editor for EXPOUND. We discussed why EXPOUND as a platform for promoting personal literature should create a space for erotic arts and maybe a special issue in the future. The idea was welcomed by the rest of the Editorial Team, and the excitement was epic.

To us at EXPOUND, erotic art is an ‘in-house art’ and we may have been more anxious for the release of this issue than our readers. This issue took us where we have wanted it too. The works here are bold, sensual, amatory, daring and dirty enough to break norms, forms, traditions and boundaries. If you have been reading us, you would have noticed how much we wanted to break African arts free from conventionalism. Calling this issue dirty is our way of playing along with the ironical African perspective of erotic arts and literature as immoral and evil. We believe this to be a perfect metaphor, hence, The Dirty Issue. Well, in the words of Ocean Voung, how does one free oneself of desire when possessing a physical body means satisfying even its most basic needs.

Oyin Oludipe, our Nonfiction Editor, begins this issue with a piece, ‘To Skin, with Hunger’. I believe this piece to be a last warning to readers who may have in some way skipped this editorial or missed the ‘physical’ tone of the title of this issue. For many bodies will begin this issue, but only the dirty ones will make it to the end. To make that happen, Saddiq has selected poems from Uche Nduka, Shittu Fowora, David Ishaya Osu, Amatesiro Dore, Beverley Nambozo, Su’eddie Vershima Agema, Chisom Okafor, E. Oluwaseun Dairo, Shade Mary-Ann Olaoye, Maneo Mohale, himself and my dirty self, Wale Owoade. In fiction, Jason Snyman chose ‘The Figure Stained with Varied Colours’ by Andrew Aondosoo Labe, ‘Rio’ by TJ Benson, ‘The Gomorrah Borealis’ by Chané Coetzee, ‘The Other Woman’ by William Burger and his unholy story ‘Red Fox’.

We have selected photographs from Jason Snyman and Keara Edwards to accompany you in this dirty journey. I really wished I know your schedule so I can tell you the perfect time to read this issue. I also have an idea of what could be the perfect safety tips for reading this issue, but no, let us face heaven unprepared.

Welcome to The Dirty Issue, read safely!

Wale Owoade
Publisher/Managing Editor, EXPOUND




Oyin Oludipe

Shittu Fowora

E. Oluwaseun Dairo

Andrew Aondosoo Labe

Amatesiro Dore

Maneo Refiloe Mohale

Su’eddie Vershima Agema

TJ Benson

Shade Mary-Ann Olaoye

Beverly Nambozo

Jason Mykl Snyman

Chisom Okafor

Uche Nduka

Saddiq Dzukogi

Chané Coetzee

David Ishaya Osu

Wale Owoade

William Burger

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