Four Poems – Uche Nduka


the apocalypse got fat got thin
got fat got thin.

and Jimi said:
Let your freak flag fly.

late afternoon love.
coming back home
to your nakedness.

sex is a chauffeur.
as for dreamboats
let them be dreamy forever.

clouds and trinkets. rainy,
but beaching is never far off.

we shall keep on mooning the universe.

and stuffed cursive.

we’ve passed the eve for compromises.
this hungering shadow.




In Your Radiance

or when
your vagina becomes moist.

or when you make me quake.

expansion, dilation.
merry, merrier.

in your radiance.

flesh finding flesh.
ripped whirled circular.

the true prayer is a drunken fuck.




When Every Morsel

when every morsel
of your body recognizes
every morsel of my body
toss the guitar down to me

smudge me with dirty talk
you whom i court with this notation

the bone-deep lyric
of sex

your dream has
been sipped from

wrap your legs around me
wrap your heart around me




You’re a Lot More

so meanwhile one thinks
only of stroking your clitoris
the way you want it whenever
you want it

of your closeness
of your sticky breasts
and the weight of longing

as we know it
as it knows us

in the pauses
in the snug fit of our kisses

full of mirrors
another haze another place

your breasts frame possibilities
denouements tumble through spray

than joined forms left
to their own devices

you’re a lot more
than what the eye sees

as such worthy of soft focus

a beautiful arrangement




Uche Nduka was thirteen years old when Poetry discovered him in Nigeria. Author of ten volumes of poems, he presently lives in and teaches Creative Writing and Literature at CUNY,New York City.

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