Gelatinous by Heath Brougher

Foodstove unused, no need;
fastfood reign supremely high;
foodstave infected with calorie and trans;
tired bodies, arms reach
for the apple, its purity,


a quick morphing and is born
the gelatinous generation—lying stagnantly
in the chair, the weight of the world;
even blubberbones searching for health
can find none; no oasis, just chemical greasedrippings;
bodyfails; no movement; soured malnutrition
and human interference; trapped here
in the toxic cage; softerskin
and the arms are still reaching
for that apple,


Heath Brougher attended Temple University. He recently became the poetry editor of Five2One Magazine. He has published two little books titled “A Drought of Ichor” and “2” (Green Panda Press). His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Yellow Chair Review, Of/with, Mobius, Diverse Voices Quarterly, Main Street Rag, BlazeVOX, Harbinger Asylum, Gold Dust, Tipton Poetry Journal, Novelmasters, and elsewhere.

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