Giving Head by Kechi Nomu

Overnight this world becomes full
of smiling people
and I take you by hand
to a room because it means nothing
and because at some point you’ll hear me
say this in a dream:
I have been sore for days, years
between trying to repeat a 90s love song for mood
and conjuring a decade with its sea of hearts
Eyes alone hold the amniotic fluid through which
the memories keep coming out half-formed –
there are places we have loved
where the houses keep coming down
In the ruins
we grow accustomed to the children
playing with the ghosts of things
In this dream I kneel only because I have to find ways
to hide the skin on my face
from recognition .Mouthful, how long does a person not breath
before they stop altogether?




Kechi Nomu writes poetry, essays and short stories. Her works have appeared in Sentinel, Saraba, Brittle Paper and elsewhere. She lives in Lagos where she is currently at work on her first Novel.

  1. Some reality u birthed here, coined n played in words. Done well gifted, got a pen in ur mouth.

  2. Some reality here, well coined and played in letters of reason. done well kchi, great voice to ur pen.

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