In My Eyes – Ehizogie Iyeomoan

i can see a fluorescent light

in the brown beach on the right side of your left eye

she’s been lying there

two days like decades ago

i can see me dancing

yes, i can see me; dancing in your eyes

right and left. left to the right

and roundabout

there’s a window in your eyes-

a well-lighted window; opened

like a paved door to the outside world

why is your pupil navy-blue and brown?

not black like the coal in many other eyes

from the left of your left eye

one red line paths into two

like a v-shaped tributary

into the river in your head

the lashes on the left are sparse. curved

like one flap of two wings of a butterfly

perched on the stamen of a hibiscus flower

if I were not your lover,

i’d have said the lashes hanging over your right…

were carefully and perfectly handpicked

to draw a sketch of my attention

but, if i were not your lover and soul-mate,

would i even study your eyes

in the first place?.




Ehizogie Iyeomoan  (b. 1990) is a poet, pencil artist and collector of autobiographies. His poems have been published by Kalahari Reviews; Korea-Nigeria transnational poetry anthology; Write Paragraphs,
Lyriversity, Word Rhymes & Rhythm, Bukrepublik, the New Black magazine… He participated in OSIWA poets’ residency in Dakar, Senegal. His poem, Fulani boy has been translated into Italian and French. Ehizogie won the Korea-Nigeria poetry feast gold prize, March 2015. Fulani boy also got the “targa alut” prize in the Castello do Diuno poetry competition, 2015.

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