ISSUE #2 – E D I T O R I A L


Dear Readers,

Lots have changed since the last Issue. First, we now have an Editorial Team. Ten heads are better than one. Secondly, we have a new web theme, responsive with a better mobile interface. Thirdly, we have moved a step forward by producing this issue in eBook (PDF).

We thank the contributors. We received so much but unfortunately, we can only publish few.

We have two nonfictions. This issue begins with ‘Seeing the Dead’ a nonfiction by Emmanuel Iduma, a piece Oyin Oludipe, our nonfiction Editor describes as ‘a fateful crossway where the swollen soul must shun the hubris of life to swallow death as a complete in-gathering of being.’ In the second piece ‘Why Do I Pray’ , Oyin Oludipe takes us into ‘a journey that the human mind continues to take in search of answers to questions on existence, and its essence’ and ‘the journey itself—not the destination—provides answers that raise new questions no Mind and Matter can mend’. – Senator Ihenyen

Also, we have two unusual fictions, Masalimo by William Khalipwina and The Day My Parents Returned by Adeolu Adesanya. We are also featuring the Acrylic Arts of Tom Hesse and Gina Cicinelli Alequin’s whimsical and free artworks. This issue also includes ‘Foresight’, a Spoken word video by Roche Du Plessis, a South African Artist.

In poetry, we have David Ishaya Osu, Ehizogie Iyeoman, John Gimblett, Laura M Kaminski and Steven Klepetar. Saddiq M Dzukogi, our Poetry Editor has this to say about the poems in this issue: David shows us a nonchalant attitude of a master painter, the lines of Steven Klepetar are luminous, coming on with the potency of rays, like there was a sun, hidden within each poem. Laura Kaminski takes us through a ghostly terrain with her poem ‘Beyond the Facts’, Ehizogie Iyeoman’s ‘in my eyes’ is a poem that seeks beauty and honesty, John Gimblett‘s Crow poems are aesthetically unusual and magical at the same time.

At the end of this issue is a postscript I prepared with fragments from this issue and conversations with the team.

Welcome to Issue #2!


Wale Owoade,

Publisher/Managing Editor, EXPOUND



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