King Lear of Eighty’s by Shafinur Shafin

The lonely wayfaring King,
taking no thieves
in his left or right-hand
walked throughout the storm
all alone and silent
When people hurled pebbles
their laughter sounded
like the grunt of a thousand pigs
and he walked carrying only
the cross of his soul
with the melancholy of his blood
running under his skin






Shafinur Shafin, Bangladeshi poet and writer. Poetry Editor of an International literary webzine Prachya Review. The best sentence to express her is that she is always hungry and insane for poetry and live in the world of words… She feels always a divine power inside her which influences her to write and write. Shecan’t draw or paint pictures, she doesn’t know singing or dancing. But She knows how to rule and create people’s world with imagination, she knows to make them singing or give them the taste of flying as a bird with her words. This is the only thing she can do.

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