memory lane by Michele Seminara

at the school reunion
I get the call
you’ve run
again in hospital
it seems I can’t
go out without
this noose as if you

know at the school reunion
I have to ask
my old friends’ names
admitting I don’t
hope ossified
in layers of fat and

time at the school reunion
no chance to pee
too many stairs
don’t think to check
my phone to see
your messages
of bridge and jumping

child at the school reunion
of other parents’
bromide woes
they’ll never know
the panic
in the basement of my

mind at the school reunion
the pellucid course
of others’ lives
for clues
to how they landed
there and how I washed up

here at the school reunion
the quietude of
our premature dead
a shameful truth
from scores of little deaths





Michele Seminara is a poet and editor from Sydney. Her first poetry collection, Engraft, was published by Island Press (2016), and a collaborative chapbook, Scar to Scar, (written with Robbie Coburn) was published by PressPress (2016). Her latest publication is HUSH (Blank Rune Press, 2017). Michele is the managing editor of online creative arts journal Verity La. Find her on Twitter @SeminaraMichele and on her website at

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