I Never Thought by Francis Annagu

I never thought the aquamarine
Seaweed could blossom wild
Over-run upon my silvery brow

While it’s clattering leaves toll
Loud like a Santa Claus’s
Clacking early Christmas bells,

Clan-goring my fluffy earlobes
Like an orange soft skin.

I never thought the brown Emu,
Once songs he sings can lure the
Cinnamon roots drink water

From the sun when they tire and return,
Plying through every green blade
Until climbs them up to Majorelle.

I only thought of the blue letters
Madam Stonkoner penned and sent
By a night Mule-cart. I am lost in her

White and black and off its vine
My fuzzy head spanned onto the moist
And dreams of our companionship potted

Into loins. I never thought
Your letters weren’t recidivist stories
Of war,
But the circled rainbow of our love.




Francis Annagu is published or forthcoming on Amsterdam Quarterly, Potomac Review, Galway Review, Ayiba Magazine, Kalahari Review, The Poet Community, Ake Review, Tuck Magazine, Sunflower Collective, Calamaro Magazine, Crannog Literary Magazine, Dead Snakes, Commonline Journal, Lunaris Review, The Squawk Back, Bewildering Stories, Novel Afrique, PIN, and others. He lives in Kaduna, Nigeria where he is working on his first poetry book “Rain Upon Us”.

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