Numberless by Tiana Lavrova

Cacti of frost:
collars of lymph nodes stretched out as snowballs
tinsel the soft tissue of blizzards;
irises of snowbanks shade the eye wear of
seaweed pines hoarding Diogenesian automobiles, the pines sea grass hair roots are bed-headed with

talcum chestnuts
And affectively depressed Redwoods shelter
the fall in the back alley
crowning the cosmic sweat of cranberry thorn bed popsicles.
A pair of carved rocks dart into the lampshade,
where preformationist garlands zip compress all but
the number Zero in each mycological arm
of micro-zoology.




Tiana Lavrova is an eighteen year old who has an interest in all things art and science: including sculpture, product design, printmaking, free verse poetry, and the mental health sciences. She is also the author of two forthcoming chapbooks via with Dancing Girl Press and Grey Borders Books in 2018, entitled Globalist Sarcomian Principia, and Landlocked Plutonic Constellations.

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