Undecided by Opeyemi Rasaq-Oyadiran

There is a trending picture on Instagram
of father and daughter and their abundance of hair.
Yesterday, my lover made it his screensaver.
After we made love, he trailed his finger down my spine
And said ‘our first child will be a girl, with long silky hair. On weekends
I’ll braid her hair and she’ll say I’m a perfect dad’.
My head is clean shaven.
I don’t have any hair.
I don’t want any hair.
I don’t want to think of father’s fingers running
Through my hair.




Opeyemi Rasak-Oyadiran is a poet, essayist and short story writer. She loves the colour brown, books, great music and the stage. She aspires one day to be a Jill of all trades and share drinks with Zadie Smith and Ben Okri but in the meantime is chasing a law degree.

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