Solitude and other poems by Babatunde Kawthar




I bask in lonely nights

With blanket of woven words

And covering of inks

Conjuring lovers in my notes


I knit homes in my heart

For buddies gone with time

Must explain Tilewa’s déjà vu

Years after her journey home


I’m a lone voyager

Practising the art

Of life in the grave

Waiting for death

In the arms of no one


In solitude

I find life

And death

Both at once








Clustered with bits that are never whole

My heart is a home to all

The red love shaped thing

Where my existence rests

Drew a pact with confusion


Nights are darker, days- dimmer

Silence- heavy


The beats in me are

Like sounds from a mortal

Protesting its first use

After a nuptial night

My head remonstrates- pounding

Maybe hoping for relocation







For him and we that loved,

Waves came under our feet

And like the sand

Over which it swept

Our hearts became anew

From then on

Endless was it all

Like the sea Shalewa

Wouldn’t let us swim in








He was the only father

I knew

Fathering four plus me

Yet a dad

Never to one.


In his affluence we wallowed

Shrinking into oblivion at his sight

We grew in him

We grew out of him


My sister is an egbere

The crying spirit of wealth

That holds mat beckoning

To all in her path


He never did rest

Not on her mat anyway












Babatunde Kawthar is an engineering student of the University of Lagos.  Her work has been featured in allegro poetry journal. Her interests ranges from poetry to politics among other things.

  1. Nice pieces Miss kawbabs. They do have a great deal with matters of the heart I must say, but still they were a delight to the ears and mind.. keep up the good work. I look forward to some more of your heart warming poetry.

  2. Babatunde Kawthar, you are a is a born-to-be poet. Keep up the good work. I smiled after reading the last piece. It ministered to my soul.

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