Tales of the Untalented by Emoata Ejodame

I wish I know
How to write my, into a poem
Compressed in the nature of all things green,
Driven with poetic license, let anything be
As it wants without eyes peering with disdain
My imperfection is also a talent


It is a form of creativity
I am not very imaginative, that is a sort of name.
You have come to the wrong place, my heart
Is not the place to sketch new words


I could be fresh, thinking the absence of talent
Is a talent itself, I am about as fresh as a rotten fruit
And as new as a second-hand car
I have nothing to say, even silence is a sort of art


Emoata Ejodame is a 16-year-old student of Zamani College, Kaduna. She participated in YELF Creative Writing Workshop and also contributed a story and poem in Petals and Granite (a publication of Yasmin El-Rufai Foundation).
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