turned on – Shade Mary-Ann Olaoye

turned on

thoughts of you, come to me
like dawn
fresh, warm, and all that nature intends
like a switch,
i come alive with the light of desire
burning with memories

and i become wet like dew
like morning after a downpour
wet in all my delicate folds

you remind me of everything sweet,
as i take you in
one kiss after another
an index finger full, tongue hungry and curled

thoughts of you come to me like dawn
with clouds, parting their thighs
revealing heaven, a place where angels meet

thoughts of you come to me,
you, muse
and pen-
is released joy




Shade Mary-Ann Olaoye, is a young Nigerian writer who strives to make a difference through her works. Her short story was recently published in brittle paper and she hopes for more success.

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