Two Poems – Beverley Nambozo

The Other Woman’s Tongue

The other woman’s tongue
Rolls out like a slide

Her tongue fits in my husband’s throat
like a key,
unlocking his little devils.

The little devils
slide down her tongue.

She calls my children to play
But when my children slide down
Her tongue to play,
They hurt themselves and cry.




Since you attended my funeral, I’ll also attend yours

Since you attended my funeral, I’ll also attend yours.
I’ll arrive just before the coffin
Enters the church
And join the line of weepers.
Weepers not mourners.
Weeping is the physical evidence for facebook
That people actually cared about you.
Mourning is the spiritual evidence
That people actually cared about you.

I’ll stand with the weepers
Dab my eyelids and sniffle
Make sure I greet the right people.
Your great aunt
The one who hugs me so hard
That she flattens my breasts
I’ll hug your grandmother
He one whose weave gets caught in my earrings.
I’ll hug your uncle
The one whose hands rest on my bum
Like he’s kneading dough.
Since you attended my funeral,
I’ll also attend yours.
I’ll place a wreath on your coffin
Pluck out the petals and leave the thorns.
I’ll deliver a speech
About how close we were as friends
And in the collection box
I’ll leave a copy of my HIV results
And a photo of that passionate night.





Beverley Nambozo  is a poet, editor, actress, leadership trainer, events manager and children’s facilitator. She is also the founder of the Babishai Niwe (BN) Poetry Foundation which coordinates annual poetry competitions, trains children in creative literacy and publishes poetry. Beverley was Uganda’s 2014 BBC Commonwealth Games poet. In 2013, she was long-listed for the Short Story Day Africa prize and shortlisted for the Poetry Foundation Ghana prize. Her works have appeared in Wasafiri, Drumvoices Revue, Kwani? Postcolonial journal, Lawino Magazine, Short Story Day Africa, KUT Journal, New Black Magazine, EVENT Magazine and others.

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