Two Poems by Briony Hughes


i am hung on the washing line

not to dry

iiiiiiibut to fumigate

beneath my feet

copper rage

my drug of choice

migrates to my iiiiilips

lifted by


standing on the shoulders of women

a scaffold of fingernails and

bruised cartilage




she draws the line

i walk along it

tracing the edge with my lip

a silk entanglement connects us

spun from borrowed authenticity

pinched between her teeth – a moth wing

moving towards empty space

i lose bite

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiibut she catches me
grit coats her tongue

i taste chalk



Briony Hughes is an English Literature finalist, studying at Royal Holloway University of London. She is the secretary of Royal Holloway’s English Literature Society, which runs monthly readings, open mics, and a festival of literature at the end of the academic year. Briony is interested in any form of writing which pushes structural and linguistic boundaries, and is hoping to study a MA in Poetic Practice this upcoming year.

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