Two Poems – Saddiq Dzukogi

My Penis

is a wrap of skunk
a god that loves to burn
in a bung
suck and become he
see a new world
appear on the smoke
this pen-is—a dildo
alive and moves in ways
you’ll want it to
and dig
the balloon
bust it with the gust
of places you’ve longed
to go. take this
only few men know
a spring is where
dry tongues get wet
and know how
to swallow heaven whole
with their dear mouth





The progenitor of a rill
bights between my legs
as I am seated
in a turning chair
my wink put a flea
in the ear of the sexy secretary
turning the waiting room
into a fashion-house runway.

She took a seat
and her skirt showed
the end point of a valley
where my water
perhaps shall rouse a pond.
if there a couch in here, if there is a bed
if there is a surface that will suffice

Like the icy fingers of a ghost
her smile chills and spins
my head into a tornado;
file papers crashing against
the walls.

In case I am unable
to sweet-talk her to ditch
today’s job and take up another
back at my place—
a cell phone
to remind every night
my voice
or my silence
as I come to the
sound of “hello, who is
this, who is my caller”





Saddiq Dzukogi is a Nigerian poet with three poetry collections. His works have appeared or forthcoming in publications such as: The Kalahari Review, Saraba Magazine, African Writer, Ofi Press, Snapdragon: A Journal of Healing, Entartete Kunst Literary Review, Synchronised Chaos,The Provo Canyon Review, Amomancies, Oddball Magazine, The Bombay Review, Deep Water Literary Journal among others. Saddiq is currently working on his manuscript; Obscene Letters And Other Contradictions. He lives in Minna.

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