Post-life by Ekweremadu Uchenna

amidst the sparks of smouldering hardware
and the rumbles of collapsing structures
and the husks of spent souls that litter the streets
like lily petals in harmattan
a pack of survivors will sprawl on the ruins
day-dreaming of spring in paradise
tanning under the tamed sun
which like a solitary coal
will drench them in a gloomy glow

fear will be among the casualties
in that doomed ride down the abyss
where men will tango with the Devil
and defy his soul-devouring look
also among the casualties will be faith and hope
those two edges of one sword
that wand
with which the Pavlovs direct men’s fate

though heaven will become a smudge
of rain-beaten artwork
yet this ball of fire
this ball of air
of water
and of earth
will trudge on along its beaten path
like a weary cart
toward the ever-receding horizon



Ekweremadu Uchenna writes from Kaduna, Nigeria. His works have appeared in Grub Street Journal, Coe Review, The Write Room, Saraba Magazine, Wilderness House Literary, A&U American AIDS Magazine, Kalahari Review and elsewhere. He reviews literary works at

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